Lab 7 Configuring Network Connections

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  • Published : May 8, 2013
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Lab 7
Configuring Network Connections

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Exercise 7.1|Using the Network and Sharing Center|
Overview|On a Windows 7 computer, the Network and Sharing Center provides access to most of the operating system’s networking tools and configuration parameters. In Exercise 7.1, you examine the current Sharing and Discovery settings on one of the computers that will become part of the lab network.| Completion time|10 minutes|

Replace the text in the Question Box with your answer:
Question 1|Network mapping is disabled by default on domain networks. | Question 2|No, if network discovery and file and printer sharing were turned off this might add to the problem, but they are currently turned off. |

Exercise 7.2|Enabling Network Map|
Overview|In Exercise 7.2, you use local Group Policy to enable Network Map to display a diagram of the network, so you can plan the software deployments for the lab network at a later time.| Completion time|10 minutes|

12.Take a screen shot of the Network Map window by pressing Alt+Prt Scr . Do NOT paste it into this worksheet. Open the Paint application and then paste it into the page provided by pressing Ctrl+V. Save as NETMAP.JPG (not PNG, the default file type). You will submit this file separately to the Assignment Link for Lab 7. Replace the text in the Question Box with your answer:

Question 3|Because you have no configured the Turn on Mapper I/O driver policy on that computer|

Exercise 7.3|Manually Configuring TCP/IP|
Overview|Because the lab network you are constructing for Contoso, Ltd. must be isolated from the production network, you do not want the lab computers to obtain their TCP/IP settings from the DHCP servers on the production network. Therefore, in Exercise 7.3 you manually configure the TCP/IP client to use static IP addresses.| Completion time|15 minutes|

3.Using the information in the Ipconfig.exe display, note your workstation’s...
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