Lab 1

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LAB 1: Footprinting a Network
One of the most astounding side-effects of the Internet is how readily accessible information is about individuals, organizations, and computer systems. This assignment is designed to give you some experience in obtaining this information. Materials Needed:  Computer  Internet connection with “Ping” command available Activity 

Use “Ping” command to determine the IP address of and e.g. launch the command prompt and type in “ping” you will get the ip address of Google as well as the response time.

Determine who administers these computers and any other information readily available. You may use any websites or tools like ARIN, Neotrace, Whois ( ), or other open source public information. Describe how you found the information. You now have all kinds of information that would allow you to take advantage of vulnerabilities at that site. Download NetBrute from or from the software uploaded in the folder directly. Whether you are using a residential network or on campus, the network operator does monitor the networks very tightly, so you must be careful using this tool. Students have been locked out of the university network and servers when they used this carelessly. Inspect using the PortScan feature of NetBrute. If you are not familiar with the setup, please download and review the demo video first.

Web servers are notorious for containing large numbers of vulnerabilities. Find out which of the hosts in the same subdomain as have web servers running. Select a few of these and try and determine what the server is used for. Describe what you found and how you found it.

1. Discuss the information that you found about,, as well as other you are interested. 2. Discuss ways that a hacker would be able to exploit this information....
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