Kudler Fine Foods Frequent Shopper Program

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Kudler Fine Foods Frequent Shopper Program

By | December 2011
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Kudler Fine Foods Accounting System
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Background Information
Kudler Fine Foods developed a business plan which included initial funds to hire a consulting firm for a detailed Retail Enterprise Management System or REMS. The firm which was selected was Smith Systems Consulting. After conducting a detailed audit of the entire system, they were able to determine a more suitable system to emplace. A more modular and scalable system was selected and implemented into the stores for Kudler Fine Foods and Smith Consulting was subsequently contracted on a yearly basis for further review of the Retail Enterprise Management System. Key Features

Based on the information on the Kudler Fine Foods Website, the new accounting system has several features which include modules and features which enable streamline enterprise database systems integration and nearly “live” data feed into the active network to assist in day to day operations. One of the first modules and features it discusses it the General Ledger Module. This particular area covers a vast portion of the accounting area of Kudler Fine Foods and details everything from the Charts of Accounting to Multiple year reporting. This will allow upper management to keep track of trends and assist with potential growth and expansion plans in the future. Another feature in this module was the breakdown of the budget system by each individual department, again another feature that is critical for upper level management to see the particular “cash flow” into the departments which are receiving either too little or too much and perhaps make changes for the better of the company. One of the nicer features in the General Ledger Module is the triple reporting feature, the Finaicial Reporting which gives an accurate and detailed description of: Balance Sheets, Income Statements, Cash Flows, Trends and other documents over a particular period. Not only does it go by...

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