Kristens Cookies

Topics: Baking, Rate equation, Oven Pages: 3 (669 words) Published: May 11, 2013
1 Kristen’s Cookie Case (Due at the beginning of 2nd session)

Read the case and answer the questions below. Each group should turn in a precise write-up answering the following questions. For each of these questions below (except question 5), provide a detailed analysis that considers different possible order sizes of 1 doz, 2 doz and 3 doz.

1. How long will it take you to fill a rush order?
a. 1doz- 6+2+1+9+5+2+1= (16+10x) x=1 or 26 minutes
b. 2doz- … = (16+10x) x=2 or 36 Minutes
c. 3doz- … = (16+10x) x=3 or 46 minutes
Note: cycle (Takt) time and bottleneck is 10 minutes

2. How many orders can you fill in a night, assuming that you are open four hours each night? (Assume that the system is in steady state when the process starts). d. 1doz- (16+10x) x=1*22 or 236 minutes or 22 orders

e. 2doz- (16+10x) x=2*11 or 236 minutes or 11 orders
f. 3doz- (16+10x) x=3*7.33 or 236 minutes or 7 orders

3. How much of your own and your roommates valuable time will it take to fill each order? g. 1doz- self = 8 minutes and roommate= 4 minutes (total =12 minutes) h. 2doz- self = 10 minutes and roommate= 7 minutes (total =16 minutes) i. 3doz- self = 12 minutes and roommate= 10 minutes (total =22 minutes) Note: see flow diagram for time per unit/task

4. Because your baking trays hold exactly one dozen cookies, you will produce and sell cookies by the dozen. Should you give any discount for people who order two dozen cookies, three dozen cookies or more? If so, how much? Will it take you longer to fill a two-dozen cookie order than a one-dozen cookie order? (While answering this question, think about the different costs—labor as well as material— that go into the cookie production and how these costs are affected by different order sizes). j. 1doz-

k. 2doz-
l. 3doz-

5. Assume that all your orders come in sizes of 1 doz. Now, you decide to fire your roommate and decide...
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