Kotler Ch. 1 Jetblue Company Case 14th Edition

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  • Published : October 23, 2012
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1. The need being met by JetBlue is mainly transportation. In today’s world consumers need to be able to travel long-distances quickly and JetBlue’s practices ensure customer comfort/satisfaction along the journey. The wants of JetBlue’s customers are to safely and quickly travel on an airplane. They also want to be comfortable and treated well. JetBlue accomplishes this by providing leather seats and entertainment with great customer service. The demands of this airline’s customers are pretty low. They are already flying on a “discount airline,” yet they have great amenities such as more legroom. There are not really any wants that money needs to back in this scenario. JetBlue has done a good job at ensuring everything from email is available at no extra charge. 2. Consumers exchange money and time for a flight with JetBlue. They also give up the ability to fly with another airline. In exchange, however they get the “happy jetting” experience. This includes amenities such as plush seats and snacks combined with excellent customer service. From the terminal, to the plane, JetBlue employees are courteous and nice. This overall experience is highly valued by JetBlue and is supported by all the smaller facets of their market offering. 5. JetBlue should certainly be able to continue building customer relationships successfully. While Southwest is a competitor, JetBlue does have the competitive edge in cost. Also, their fun culture combined with loyal customers who spread the word certainly helps continue this success. It’s not easy to offer such great amenities while also having low fares, but JetBlue also places a lot of value on their intangible wonderful customer service.
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