Knife Skills Homework

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Knife Skills Homework Summer 2012
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Brunoise Chicklets ¼ of an inch by ¼ of an inch Small dice Cubes¼ of an inch by ¼ of an inchby ¼ of an inch Medium Dice Cubes ½ of an inch by ½ of an inch by ½ of an inch Large dice Cubes ¾ of an inch by ¾ of an inch by ¾ of an inch

Julienne matchstick 2 ½ -3 in. in length by ¼ of an inch width Battonet thin strips 3 in. in length by ¼ of an inch width Chiffonade bits or shavings very small bits of basil, mint, rosemary( chopped fine)

1. Describe the grip on a French knife. 0.5 pts.
* Firm grip on handle with pointer finger wrapped around the handle, not on the blade

2. Identify the differences between using (handling) a paring vs. French knife. 1 pt. * Paring knife you can choke up on with your pointer finger further up the blade to make pealing more precise, always on the back of the blade though, never near cutting blade. French knife you are never to choke up on blade or extend any finger onto the top of the blade, unless mincing where you place a flat hand on top of blade. Using a French knife you must always keep a firm grip around handle.

3. What are the three motions used when cutting with a French knife? 0.5 pts. * Chopping: picking knife up and cutting directly vertical down. Slicing: tip of blade down first then bring back of blade down to execute cut. Horizontal slices: firm group on handle and slice horizontally through particular item. Example: onions we cut in class.

4. Describe the proper method of transporting a knife from point A to point B in the kitchen. * Proper way to transport knife is pointed down by your side as you walk throughout the kitchen.

5. Identify the reasons for making consistent precision in cuts? 1 pt. * Consistent precise cuts are made...
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