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Topics: Henry VIII of England, Mary I of England, Elizabeth I of England Pages: 3 (1031 words) Published: May 18, 2013
King Henry VIII

Henry was born in 1491; he was the third child of King Henry VII and Elizabeth of York. Henry was given the title of Prince Henry in 1503 until the passing of his father when he took the title of King Henry VIII in 1509. Henry was quickly thrown into the world of responsibilities and duties of the King of England. He married his eldest brothers widow Katharine of Argon in 1503, before his reign as King started. Henry is one of the most memorable Kings for many reasons, his relations with France throughout the years, executions, and many failed marriages are a few of the events that made Henry so memorable.

In 1511 Henry joined Pope Julius II, Ferdinand of Spain, and the Venetians in their Holy League against France. With his chief minister Thomas Wolsey he led his army to France in 1513, and captured Therouanne and Tournia. He returned to England after invading Scottish forces, which were under the control if James IV, and suffering a defeat at Flodden when Ferdinand deserted Henry having a secret truce with France. Henry in a quick effort to make peace married his sister Mary of England to Louis XII of France. The marriage, and peace, ended within a year with the death of Louis. Fransis I took the throne of France and quickly pushed the Scots against England. Ferdinand passed in 1516 enabling Thomas Wolsey to create a new alliance offer with France. This alliance soon expanded to include all the major European powers to pledge to a universal peace. Henry's daughter Mary was promised to marry the dauphin (heir to Frances throne). Six years later (1522) Henry joined Charles (Holy Roman Emperor) in a war against France. Henry’s role in this war was mostly unimportant except his heavy increase on taxes. This increase of course caused a resistance from parliament and the people. Charles won a very impressive victory against France in 1525 and denied England any of the profits. With the economy shaking Henry...
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