Key Terms 70-643

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Key Terms 70-643
access control entry (ACE)/ An entry in an object’s access control list (ACL) that grants permissions to a user or group. Each ACE consists of a security principal (the name of the user, group or computer being granted the permissions) and the specific permissions assigned to that security principal. When you manage permissions in any of the Windows Server 2008 permission systems, you are creating and modifying the ACEs in an ACL. access control list (ACL) A collection of access control entries that defines the access that all users and groups have to an object. Active Directory Microsoft’s directory Microsoft’s directory service that automates network management, such as user data, resources, and security. Active Server Pages (ASP) A server-side script processing engine designed by Microsoft to provide dynamic Web content with better performance than the Common Gateway Interface (CGI) and simpler development than Internet Server Application Programming Interface (ISAPI). ASP files have an .asp extension and function like Server Side Includes, with scripting commands embedded in standard HTML code. Anonymous Authentication An Internet Information Services, an authentication mechanism that enables any user to access a Web site that employs it, without supplying an account name or password. This authentication method is designed primarily for public Web sites on the Internet or any internal site available to all users. application Computer program designed to aid users in the performance of specific tasks. application pool In Internet Information Services, an operational division that consists of a request queue and one or more worker processes. application services Software components that provide components that provide communications services, operating environments, or programming interfaces for specific applications. Arbitrated loop (FC-AL) A Fibre Channel topology that consists of up to 127 devices, connected in a loop, similar to that of a token ring network. The loop can be physical, with each device connected to a hub that implements the loop. ASP.NET The successor to Active Server Pages (ASP), ASP.NET is based on server-side scripting and enables developers to create dynamic Web pages, Web applications, and XML (Extensible Markup Language) Web services using a wide variety of programming languages and development tools. ASP.NET files have the extension .aspx, and can contain HTML code, XML code, or scripting code for execution by the server. ATA (Advanced Technology Attachment) A disk interface that causes parallel communications to connect multiple hard disk drives and other devices to a computer. authentication The process by which Windows Server 2008 verifies that the user matches the user account employed to gain access. authorization The process of determining whether an identified user or process is permitted access to a resource and the user’s appropriate level of access. B

Basic Authentication The weakest of the challenge/response authentication methods supported by Internet Information Services. Clients transmit unencrypted credentials using Base64 encoding, so anyone capturing the network packets can read the user’s password. basic disk The default disk type in Windows Server 2008. A basic disk supports up to four partitions, typically three primary and one extended, with logical drives to organize data. binding In Internet Information Services, the mechanism by which the protocol listener associates each incoming request with one particular Web site hosted by the server. bitmap caching In Terminal Services, a Windows desktop performance feature that enables a client to store display information in a cache in local memory, so that the server does not have to repeatedly transmit the same data. block I/O access In storage area networking, a type of storage in which a computer accesses the stored data one block at a time. broadcast stream In Windows Media Services, a multimedia stream...
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