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Topics: Indonesia, Dutch East Indies, Colonialism Pages: 3 (432 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Notes for Geog 151
Keith Bettinger
Death by a Thousand Cuts
Capita of Indonesia is Jakarta. Jakarta is on Java.
Java is the size of California.
Java has 8% of total land area, 60% of population, & 135 million people * About Kerinci Seblat National Park
* Indonesia is in South East Asia
* Bettinger works on Sumatra
Kerinci Seblat National Park is on Sumatra
* Kerinci Seblat National Park is 14.000 km2 (bigger than Connecticut) * 4 provinces, 15 districts & AMs
* Established late 1980s – Early 19902
* Tigers, rhinos, elephants, various ecosystems, high conservation value * An obstacle to commerce
* Faces threats from all sides
* Formerly illegal logging
* Now mainly encroachment
* More than 30 proposed road project
Dutch Precursors
* Small, non- territorial kingdoms of Sumatra
* Dutch colonialism begins with Vereenigde Oost-Indishche Compagnie (VOC) * Cartelization, expansion, “indirect rule”
* Dutch crown rule…. Standardization, bureaucratization & centralization * Dutch colonial rule creates a common colonial experience but also lasting patterns The Rise of the Orde Baru
* 1965: 30 September Movement topples Sukarno, providing an opportunity for Suharto to over * 1967: Parliament names Suharto acting president
* Over the three decades Suharto’s Orde Baru brings development, stability, and the approval of the West * Suharto establishes top-down, vertically-articulated system of central control and patronage * The “centralization project”

The Fall of Orde Baru
* By the late 1990s collusion, corruption, and nepotism had infected most aspects of government * Asian Economic crisis provides a catalyst for protests
* Suharto loses support of the military
* Suharto resigns May 21
* A new era of hope and optimism
* 400-plus kabupatens (districts) freer and more independent * Bupatis directly elected
* Kabupatens...
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