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Topics: Hinkley, California, Erin Brockovich, Hexavalent chromium Pages: 2 (663 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Title: The Story Of Erin BrokoVich
Erin Brockovich , Edward L. Masry , George, Donna Jensen , Charles Embry, Kurt Potter,Pamela Duncan ,Brenda , Theresa Dallavale, Matthew Brockovich, Katie Brockovich, Ms. Sanchez, David Foil, Donald Summary:

In 1993, Erin Brockovich is an unemployed single mother of three children who, after losing a personal injury lawsuit against a doctor in a car accident she was in, asks her lawyer, Edward L. Masry (Albert Finney), if he can find her a job in compensation for the loss. Ed gives her work as a file clerk in his office, and she sees the files in a pro bono real-estate case in which PG&E is offering to purchase the home of Hinkley, California, resident Donna Jensen.Erin is surprised to see medical records in the file and visits Jensen, who explains that she had just kept all her PG&E correspondence together. Donna is very appreciative of PG&E's help: she has had several tumors and her husband has Hodgkin's disease, but PG&E has always supplied a doctor at their own expense.Erin asks why they would do that, and Donna replies, "because of the chromium".Erin begins digging into the particulars of the case and soon finds evidence that the groundwater in Hinkley is contaminated with dangerous hexavalent chromium, but PG&E is telling Hinkley residents that they use a safer form of chromium in their cooling ponds. She persuades Ed to allow her further research, and wins the trust of many Hinkley residents. She finds many other cases of tumors and other medical problems in Hinkley. Everyone has been treated by PG&E's doctors and thinks the cluster of cases is just a coincidence, unrelated to the "safe" chromium. Eventually a man approaches her and says that he was tasked with destroying documents at PG&E, but he had noticed the medical conditions plaguing the workers who worked in the unlined ponds, and kept the documents instead. Now he gives them to her. One is a 1966 memo that ties a...
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