Juvenile Diabetes on the Rise: The Sunday Gleaner

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  • Published : March 2, 2013
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Anderson, G. (2002, March 03). Juvenile diabetes on the rise. The Sunday Gleaner. Retrieved from http://jamaica-gleaner.com/gleaner/20020303/news/news.html

In this article the author discusses the risk factors that contribute to the significant rise in the development of diabetes in Jamaican youths. The author cites Professor Erol Morrison who states that children normally develop type 1 diabetes. However due to lifestyle risk factors such as nutrition and lack of exercise children are now developing the type 2 (adult) diabetes. Children are consuming a lot of fried and fatty foods, sweets and also watching more television and playing video games. These activities contribute to the risk factors that cause type 2 diabetes. The author also delves into alcohol abuse as a risk factor. She cites that at times children have unlimited and unsupervised access to alcohol. Overconsumption of alcohol over a period of time leads to the destruction of the pancreas. Therefore insulin production ceases and type 2 diabetes develop. The author’s purpose is to define the types of diabetes, to identify the risk factors that cause its development and to make the general educated public aware of its rising prevalence in Jamaican youths.

Though the author does not seem to have much background or scientific knowledge of her own, she is seen as credible because she writes for a reputable newspaper. She also cites Professor Erol Morrison, a person who seems well versed in the topic of diabetes as he is the consultant and director of the Diabetic Association of Jamaica. The author also uses statistics from the Ministry of Health. The main limitation of this article is that it focuses only on lifestyle factors, which are modifiable risk factors, but does not cover non-modifiable risk factors such as age, family or race. This article will not form the basis of my research. However I will use the statistical information which states that diabetes accounted for 1,545 deaths in 1999 and...
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