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Jurisprudence in Nursing

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Jurisprudence in Nursing

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First Hospitals:

I – Iloilo

L – St Lukes
M – Mary Johnson
S –St Paul

Nsg is a profession.
Profession – defined by PNA adapted from Americans NA
- a calling which its members profess to have acquired a unique body of knowledge & skills for purpose of guiding & caring others. Calling – service oriented
Members – RN
Unique – special body of knowledge
Others – pt – recipient of care

Characteristics of nsg prof:
A ccountability – liable for his/her actions
C ompetency – having scientific knowledge
E thics –
S ervice oriented

Prof nsg resp: RA 9173 Oct 21,’02
1. Promotive, Preventive, Curative, Rehabilitative in all health care settings. 2. Preventive – immunization. Provide health education
3. Utilization of nsg process
4. Link of pts & families to diff community resources - community health nurses – libreng bakuna 5. Collaboration of pts care to other health care team - for continuity of care. 6. Resp for training/ supervision of nsg students

7. Accurate reporting/ recording.
8. Observation of S&Sx – provide proper intervention
Dependent fx9. Execution of valid Dr’s order

General rule: RN can’t give meds without Drs order otherwise RN will be liable for malpractice. Exception, under code of ethics, RN can give drugs during emergency, calamity, national epidemics, no MD around. Life of patient is in danger. Protected under Good Samaritan Act. Good Samaritan Act – universal law that protects any person who will give an aid to another person whose life is in danger.

RA 8344 – “ No deposit policy” during emergency cases. - emergency care 1st before asking for deposit.

Mom calls re: 2 yo girl ingested baby aspirin at home. What’s best action for RN to advice mom on phone. 1. Advice mom to bring kid to hosp
2. Advice to call doc
3. Advice to take emetic meds
4. Advice to call h nrse


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