Julius Caesar Timeline

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Julius Caesar Timeline (by Act and Scene)
ACT I (Good Luck ()
|Scene 1 |Scene 2 |Scene 3 | |On February 15, the Feast of |On the same day, Caesar attends the |On the night of March 14, a terrible storm | |Lupercal, the people take a |traditional race at the festival of Lupercal |brings different reactions. | |holiday to celebrate Caesar's |and receives a warning from a soothsay to |Casca believes that the storm and other | |victory over Pompey in a civil |beware the ides of March. (The middle day of |omens mean that the future will bring evil.| |war. |each month was called the ides.) |Cassius believes that these same signs mean| |Marullus and Flavius, two |After Caesar leaves, Cassius tries to persuade|that Caesar must be stopped. | |government officials who |Brutus to turn against Caesar. |The two agree that Caesar must not be | |supported Pompey, attempt to |Caesar returns and mentions to Antony his |allowed to continue to rule, and when Cinna| |discourage celebrating workers. |distrust of Cassius. |joins them, they plot to convince Brutus to| | |Casca tells Brutus and Cassius the details of |join their conspiracy. | | |Caesar's rejection of a crown offered to him | | | |by the people of Rome. | | | |Brutus and Cassius agree to meet again to | | | |discuss Caesar. | |

|Scene 1 |Scene 2 |Scene 3 |Scene 4 | |Shortly before dawn on March 15|Shortly after dawn on March 15, Caesar |Artemidorus, one of |Portia, uneasy about the| |(the ides of March), Brutus |and his wife Calpurnia are both awake |Caesar's supporters, has|plot, sends the servant | |walks in his garden, unable to |because of the storm. Caesar intends to |learned about the plot |Lucius to go and see | |sleep, brooding over the |go to the Capitol, but Calpurnia urges |against Caesar. |what is happening at the| |decision he must make. |him to stay home because of the many |He reads a letter of |Capitol. | |He receives an anonymous letter|threatening omens. |warning he has written, |She then meets the | |(from Cassius) urging him to |Caesar agrees to stay home for her sake, |then waits in the street|soothsayer, who | |act on Rome's behalf. Cassius |until Decius, one of the conspirators, |for Caesar to pass by. |increases her concern as| |and the conspirators visit |convinces him that he must not seem to be| |he predicts danger for | |Brutus and finalize their |afraid of his wife's superstitions. | |Caesar. | |plans. |The other conspirators meet at Caesar's | | | |Brutus' wife, Portia, urges him|house to make sure he does not decide to | | | |to reveal his secret to her. |stay at home. | | |

|Scene 1 |Scene 2 |Scene 3 | |Both the Soothsayer and |Brutus speaks before a group of "citizens," or |This scene involves a...
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