Julius Caesar Conflicting Perspectives

Topics: Racism, Ku Klux Klan, Narrative Pages: 3 (1017 words) Published: October 11, 2012
Module C: Conflicting perspectives

Composers use a variety of mediums to present an argument within an event, personality or situation resulting in the conflict of perspectives. David Gutterson uses Snow Falling on Cedars to explore conflicting perspectives on personal and political levels including: • Justice and in justice

• Truth and inaccuracies
• Tolerance and prejudice
Snow falling on cedars
David Gutterson using narrative techniques:
- Circular narrative structure
Uses this device to help narrate and identify the conflicting perspectives thematically directing action through the forum of the court case. - Done by limited point of view, flashbacks, and framing - Abundant use of flashbacks in the portrayal of Ishmael; o From being a young, naive child: “inside of the tree he felt ... never be discovered there” o To a numb, static, disillusioned state: “if you’re going to remember something like that... defendants expression... keep yourself fair. Otherwise you’re been subjective in a way that is not fair to the accused” o And disbelief in God: “it did not matter whether he agreed with her about God... he had fooled himself for years into thinking otherwise” Observers learn about Ishamel’s morale turmoil: “the world was one and the notion that one may kill another over a small patch of it did not make sense = We see a prejudice perspective surface

Omniscient narration in return creates an inner conflict within Ishmael as to whether needs to be prejudice or tolerant. A time to kill
An accurate and dramatic depiction of a small southern community which faces segregation, racial injustice and prejudice values head on displaying the psychological effects on a society in the south and its judicial system Incident of rape becomes the platform for social outcry

Rather then telling one complex story line it jumps around showing a broad collection of characters – few of whom get developed but many who come to...
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