Topics: DNA, Human Genome Project, Genetics Pages: 2 (276 words) Published: February 14, 2013
Cracking the Code of Life Questions
Write a Reflection on the video segments.  Incorporate the points below in your reflection.

1.  Instructions for a Human Being
• Explain the storybook metaphor
• DNA’s 4 billion years of history
• DNA – structure, chemical makeup, function
2.  Getting the Letters Out
• Goal of the Human Genome Project
• Explain the use of technology
3.  One Wrong Letter
• What is Tay Sachs?
• Explain the term “carrier.
4.  The Sequencing Race Begins
•  Explain:  Automated DNA-reading process
•  Role of Celera Genomics in the HGP
5.  Ramping Up 
• Is the HGP a necessary public investment?  Explain. 6. Genetic Variation
•  How similar are humans?
• Sharing genes with a banana … Explain.
7. Who Owns the Genome?
•  Discuss arguments for and against patenting the genomic code. • The effects of patenting on drug companies
8. The Business of Science
•  Who is “profiting” from the genome?
•  Describe the more recent changes in the views of the scientific community. 9.  Finding Cures is Hard
•  What is cystic fibrosis  (CF)?
•  Explain HOW Genes determine Proteins.
• HOW does the 3-dimensional structure of a protein affect its function? 10.  Complexity in Proteins
• What is a proteome?
11.  The Finish Line
• Discuss the new beginning and direction in science
12. Finding Disease Genes
• Scientific processes involved in identifying genes for traits like baldness • Explain:  "Iceland -All in the family."
• Use of DeCODE's giant DNA database
13. DNA Databases
• What is GATTACA?
• Gene chips and newborns?
14. A family Disease
• Discuss the mutations BRCA1 and 2
15.  Genetic Modification
• Enhancing your kids- pros and cons
• Safety of genetically modified foods
• Explain some concerns about GMO
16.  Contemplating the Message
• Again  " Who owns the Genome?"...
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