Jsa- Chapter Start Up Guide

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Starting a Junior State Chapter Made Easy: A go-to guide for general instructions and a step by step process

If your school does not currently have a Junior State chapter, this section is for you. Starting a Junior State chapter requires patience, dedication and hard work, but the rewards are tremendous. A successful Junior State chapter can bring political education and involvement to an apathetic high school campus and have a huge effect on many individuals’ lives. This form gives you a step-by-step process that you can follow to put together a responsive, active Junior State Chapter. Just work your way down the check boxes. If you have any questions or problems starting a chapter at your high school, contact the Junior State National Headquarters at 1/800/334-5353.

□ Contact the Junior State Office

• Contact the Junior State National Headquarters to obtain copies of the Junior State Handbook, a tax form, and current literature that describes the organization and upcoming events in detail. Use these materials when you explain the program to interested students, teachers, and administrators at your school

• Having printed material in hand makes it easier to describe and promote the program. Show this literature to all of your friends, even if you think they “wouldn’t be interested in this sort of thing.” You might be surprised at their responses.

□ Find a Teacher/Advisor

• Every chapter must have a teacher-advisor. Your teacher/advisor will accompany your chapter to conventions and attend chapter meetings as well as offer valuable advice. Your teacher advisor is your link to the school administration; teachers can help explain to your administration exactly what your chapter is doing.

□ Organize a Founders’ Meeting

• Call a well-planned meeting of all interested students to organize your chapter. This “Founders’ meeting” should include your teacher/advisor...
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