Topics: High school, Secondary school, College Pages: 29 (4559 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Duvie et. Al. Review of Education Institute of Education Journal, University of Nigeria Nsukka. Vol. 23. No.1. 137- 155

Duvie, Adanma N.
Department of Agricultural Education
Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike
Okorie, Florence U.
Staff School, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike

The purpose of this study was to examine job satisfaction variables as correlates of teacher absenteeism in rural public secondary schools in Abia State. The study is a descriptive survey based on a correlational design. The population of study is 118 teachers in the rural public junior and senior secondary schools of Abia State. Ikwuano, one of the oldest rural local government areas of Abia State was purposefully selected having well established schools and strong school traditions. Stratified sampling was applied in the selection of the schools to include, boys and girls’ schools as well as coeducational schools. The total population of teachers was used in the study because of the number. The instrument used in the data collection which went through item analysis comprised Job Satisfaction Questionnaire (JSQ) and Teacher Absenteeism Questionnaire (TAQ). Stepwise multiple regressions were applied in the analysis. The findings of the study revealed that where teachers are not given opportunities to exchange roles or duties or learn new skills, they intend to absent themselves from work. The study also revealed that the more unutilized periods the teachers have and the more the teachers are compelled to discuss the academic performances of their students, the more they absented themselves from work. The study recommends that teachers should not hold unto one schedule of duty in the school for too long. They should be made to utilize all the periods allocated to subjects as well as encouraged to acquire new skills through in-service training to motivate them and bring absenteeism to its barest minimum.

Duvie et. Al. Review of Education Institute of Education Journal, University of Nigeria Nsukka. Vol. 23. No.1. 137- 155

absenteeism in public secondary
schools in Nigeria have been a
topical issue for several years now.
Teachers at this level have from time
to time demanded for a better
working condition to enable them
met their needs. Most of the schools
infrastructures are always at various
levels of decay, teachers’ salaries are
low compared with the importance of
their services while they are
sometimes paid three to four months
in arrears in many states. All these
have resulted in the society not
having much regard for teachers in
general. For instance, an advert for
the rentage of an apartment some
time as far back as 1982 in one of the
southern state read thus “House for
rentage. Teachers need not apply”.
However teachers have been battling
with their demands undetered
through ultimatums, warning strikes
and total strikes. Taking Abia State as
a t ypical Nigerian state, the story is
not different. The teachers have been
fighting for several years over better
working conditions. In 2009 the
teachers after several warning strikes
went on a total strike for almost three
months to press home their demand
which included the payment of the
new teachers’ salary structure
popularly known as TSS. This salary
structure is a specialized salary scale
peculiar to teachers as professionals.
Apart from their complaints
about low and irregular payment, the

working environment of the teachers
is not conducive for serious academic
exercise. Despite the spirited
intervention by the universal Basic
Education Commission (UBEC)
through the various states’ Basic
Education Bo ards in renovating and
painting some of the classrooms and
offices, a good number of school
buildings at the junior secondary
level are...
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