Job Fair Brochure and Paper

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“Where only the best is at its best!”
Michael’s Frozen Custard
555 N. Main St.
Jamesville, NC
Fax: (555) 123-4576
Our company is a growing frozen custard shop in the very hip downtown area of Jamesville. We started this company with 3 partners: Michael James, James Michaels, and Michelle Jones. Our dream for our company is to provide quality frozen custard at an affordable cost. We also want our shop to be a great place for young families and the College students to relax and socialize. This is why we have a Market structure because we build our promotions, prices, advertising, and even flavors of the day, based on the marketing groups we have chosen. The culture of this business is strongly focused on teamwork. We need each and every employee to work together to accomplish the company’s dream and to deliver a great treat for the customers! Strong customer service is a factor that will only help our company soar higher. We are very involved with the customer and their needs. If it was not for the customers, the shop would not exist! As an employee, we want strong teamwork skills, because working together gets the job done right. We want a strong customer pleasing ethic and a want to help push this company at it’s highest! Business Model, Structure, and Culture

The basis of this company is its product being superior and its customers enjoying every aspect of the business. Built from the ground up, this company takes pride in its superior custard that is the real deal compared to generic shops around town. The recipe alone will bring the customers in. One try and the customer will be ready to come back! This “real deal recipe” combines the best resources to work with. Putting it altogether and making it what it is, the customer will love the many flavors we offer. The company started with a great idea. One man tried “authentic custard”, and thought “This should be in our home town”....
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