Job Analysis Information Sheet

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  • Published : April 1, 2013
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Job analysis information sheet
Job title_________________________________________Date___________________ Job code_________________________________ Dept. ________________________ Superior’s Title__________________________________________________________ Hours Worked _______ AM to ______PM

Job Analyst’s Name________________________________________________________________ 1.What is your job’s overall purpose?
______________________________________________________________________ 2.If you supervise others, list them by job title: if there is more than one employee with the same title, put the number in parenthesis following. ______________________________________________________________________ 3.Check those activities that are part of your supervisory duties.


Performance appraisal

Inspecting work


Coaching and/ or counseling

Others (please specify)____________________________________________

4.Describe the type and extent of supervision received by you. ___________________________________________________________________ 5.JOB DUTIES: Describe briefly WHAT you do and, if possible, HOW you do it. Include duties in the following categories: a)Daily duties (those performed on a regular basis every day or almost every day) __________________________________________________________

b)Periodic duties ( those performed weekly, monthly, quarterly, or at other regular intervals)________________________________________________

c)Duties performed at regular intervals
________________________________________________________________ 6.Do you consider any of your duties performing unnecessarily? If so describe ________________________________________________________________

7.Are your performing duties not presently included in the job description? If so describe._________________________________________________________

8.EDUCATION: check the box that...
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