Jewish Expectation of the Messiah

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  • Published: December 10, 2012
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The Origins of War – September 9, 2012
-Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy (AXIS POWERS)
-Great Britain, France, (pre-revolutionary Russia) (TRIPLE ENTENTE) -Alliances are put in place to act as guarantors of peace
-At the end of the 19th c., (Edwardian period in BR history) despite the alliance systems, much talk about impending war oEveryone saying war is inevitable
oLots of war talk
-Nature of a European war not understood at all
-Colonial wars seen, which were quick (guns vs. spears)
-For people at home, war was distant
-Ongoing enmity between Germany and France
-1871 (conclusion of Franco Prussian War) territory taken from France (Alsace, Lorraine) oNo “cleansing” effect from this war
oBismarck had proclaimed Imperial Germany in the palace of Versailles oInsulting France
oGerman economy exploding
oExpanding naval power
-Since 1805, Britain has been major naval power
-End of 19th c., Germany is intentionally catching up
-Germany trying to extend power (proclaimed an Empire)
-“war is a biological necessity”
-Franco-Prussian war had been the last war between the European powers oFairly high casualties
oBattle of Sedan – 3000 soldiers killed
oCivil strife ensued
oWars known to be costly in human life and unpredictable but still rather small -Each European country had its own saga of war
-Examples in the American Civil War were ignored
oFace of warfare
oChurchill: “the wars of the peoples will be worse than those of kings” -Loss of Alsace and Lorraine rankled the French
oThink of it always, speak of it never
-War, if it came, would be an irresistible opportunity to avenge hatred -Germany resented close relationship between France and Russia (East and West) -In 1898, Kaiser Wilhelm II visited Constantinople in Turkey (Ottoman Empire) and Jerusalem -Action announced to the world that Germany was a kind of friend with these -Anglo-Russian Entente 1907

oBritain constantly trying to keep...
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