Jesus as Social Worker

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Jesus as Social Worker

By | October 2012
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Jesus as social worker details
Actions that work against social justice - Back of form graph for responses

1. Actively joining in the behavior doing something that supports the oppressive behavior rather than interrupting it. Examples:
Laughing at the gay joke and sharing another of your own
I am glad they got sent home, this camp isn't for those people 2. Having no response
not laughing at the joke
not saying something in response to those campers being sent home

Actions that work toward social justice

1. Educating yourself - learn more about what is behind the oppressive behavior
reading about people with disabilities in the face of discrimination
reading about the ways camps have been exclusive in the past and now welcome campers from a range of ethnic, racial and socio economic backgrounds 2. Interrupting the behavior - expressing your disapproval of the behavior

I don't think that joke is funny
I don't think the campers should be sent home
3. Interrupt and Educate - expressing your disapproval of the behavior and explaining what is oppressive about the behavior.

"I don't think jokes that make fun of someone's disabilities are funny because they assume that someone with a disability is not worthy of respect."
"I don't think it is appropriate to send those kids home. People of color have a long history of being unfairly excluded from all-white organizations in this country. We should not perpetuate that exclusion."

4. Supporting others proactive Response - supporting the efforts of other people to educate or take action that promotes understanding of differences.

Encourage those making fun of gays to go to a program that educates about homosexuality
Support the camp leader to investigate ways to welcome campers and staff from various racial and ethnic backgrounds.

5. Initiating a proactive response - taking some kind of action that promotes understanding and valuing of cultural...

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