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Jerusalem: 3,000 Years Young

Most people think that Jerusalem is a city, but that’s not completely true. In many ways Jerusalem is a city like any other big city; it has a mayor and a city hall, it has shopping centers and office buildings, and it has schools, playgrounds, parks, museums and a zoo. To the Jewish people however, Jerusalem is much, much more than just a city. It’s even more than the capital of Israel. In many ways, Jerusalem is the very heart and soul of Judaism, Jewish history, and the Jewish people.

Today, Jerusalem is constantly in the headlines, and for over 3,000 years it has been an ever-present feature in Jewish life, Jewish spirituality, Jewish prayer and Jewish dreams.

The following is a brief history of Jerusalem:

The following list of twenty-one dates is a summary of the 3,700-year-old relationship of the Jewish people to Jerusalem.

1738 BCE The first Jew goes to Jerusalem
Abraham, the founding father of the Jewish people, was sent by God to Israel. After arriving in Israel, Abraham went to Jerusalem where he received a blessing from king Melchizedek.

1676 BCE The binding of Isaac
One of the most important events in early Jewish history was when Abraham almost sacrificed his son Isaac. This took place on Mt. Moriah in Jerusalem.

1590 BCE Jacob’s dream
One of the most important experiences in the life of Jacob, the grandson of Abraham, was his mystical dream about a ladder that reached to heaven. This dream took place in Jerusalem.

866 BCE Jerusalem becomes the capitol of Israel
King David established Jerusalem as the capitol city of Israel.

825 BCE The first Temple in Jerusalem
King Solomon built the first Temple in Jerusalem. The Temple stood for 400 years until being destroyed by the Babylonians.

423 BCE Destruction of first Temple
The Babylonians conquered Israel, destroyed the Temple and exiled the Jews

352 BCE The second Temple in Jerusalem
The Temple was rebuilt and stood for another...
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