Jefferson Era: Study Questions

Topics: War of 1812, United States, Thomas Jefferson Pages: 2 (466 words) Published: November 27, 2012
1. When Lewis and Clark were sent out to explore the new Louisiana Purchase what was the main objective of their trip. a) New Maps of the land
b) To find a water way that connected the east to the west c) Make treaties with the Indians
d) Find a good place to settle
2. How did outgoing President Adams ensure federalist control of the regional courts? a) Made Marshall chief justice of the Supreme Court
b) Judiciary Act of 1801
c) Embargo Act
d) Midnight judges
3. When the Embargo Act was put into place who did it affect more? a) America
b) France
c) Britain
d) Spain
4. What did Macon’s Bill state?
a) The End of the war of 1812
b) The supreme court alone had the last word on the question of constitutionality c) If Britain or France repealed the commercial restrictions America would restore the embargo act against the non-repealing nation d) Sent 4,000 people to war

5. Who were the war-hawks?
a) They were the new hot headed replacements put into congress b) An Indian tribe attacking America
c) Secret British soldiers dressed as Indians
d) A nick name for Federalist
6. Who were the two people that united all the Indians east of the Mississippi? a) Lewis and Clark
b) Jefferson and Hamilton
c) Tecumseh and the prophet
d) Squanto and Sacajawea
7. What was NOT a outcome from the battle at New Orleans? a) 2000 British soldiers were killed in just a half Hour
b) Jackson became a war hero
c) The British made the mistake attacking first
d) None of the above
8. What was the treaty of Ghent supposed to accomplish?
a) Free the slaves
b) To get both sides to agree to stop fighting and restore conquered territory c) To build new roads
d) To give the man Ghent a new name
9. What was NOT a effect of the war of 1812?
a) It heightened nationalism
b) Broke the nation apart
c) Inspired a lot of writers and painters
d) Created a large army...
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