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Hello Sandeep, sorry I couldn't make it there yesterday, but I was not feeling well.
For Monday:
read Act 2 of Othello
answer the study questions for Act 1 (they start with # 11, I don't know why!) We'll look at the Act 2 questions during class
Art: draw 2 faces following the instructions on this webpage: http://www.wikihow.com/Draw-a-Face it's a lot like the other website, but also a little different, so you'll get some different ideas on how to do this.


Act I, Scene1

11. In Act I, scene 1 why does Iago say he hates Othello? What are all the charges he makes against the general?

12. Why does Roderigo hate Othello?

13. Why is the speech by Iago, lines 38 - 62, important in explaining what happens later?

14. Why should Roderigo pay particular attention to Iago's speech?

15. In Act I, scene 1, what is Iago's master plot to annoy Othello and Desdamona?

16. Find all the examples in I, 1, of Iago referring to the sex in terms of animals.

17. Find all the references in I, 1 of Othello as a devil. Find Iago's use of "taboo words."

18. Explain the contrast in the way Iago speaks to Brabantio and the way Roderigo speaks to him.

19. How does Brabantio's attitude toward Roderigo change in the course of this scene?

20. What is Brabantio's explanation of why his daughter has run off with Othello?

21. Why does this scene begin in the middle of a conversation?

Act I, Scene 2

22. Who does Iago tell Othello badmouthed him to Brabantio?

23. Everyone says Othello is lucky to wed the daughter of the rich Brabantio, except Othello. Why is he not impressed?

24. Explain what happens between Iago and Cassio in the short time Othello is off stage in the Sagittary (lines 47 - 52)

25. List all of the negative comments or words Brabantio uses to describe Othello.

26. How does Othello react to the provocation of Brabantio's attack?

27. Find five places in I, 2 where Othello exercises authority.

Act I, Scene 3

28. At the beginning of I, 3 what do the duke and the council of Venice determine the Turks' military objective to be? How does this relate to what happens later?

29. What is effective in Othello's first speech of justification (lines 76 - 94)?

30. Explain how the relationship between Othello and Desdamona began. Who first initiated the idea of love?

31. How do we know Othello's second speech of justification (lines 127 - 169) was effective?

32. What makes the second speech of justification effective as a piece of language?

33. Why is Desdamona's response to her father's question at lines 176 - 178 especially effective?

34. In this scene what does Desdamona tell us attracted her to Othello? What attracted her to him?

35. How does Desdamona argue that she should be allowed to accompany her husband to Cyprus?

36. What assurances does Othello offer the Council that he will take care of business, even if his wife is with him?

37. Explain Iago's "parable of the garden" (lines 314 - 327).

38. Find all Iago's uses of the word "love" in this scene. What's unusual about them?

39. How does Iago manipulate Roderigo in the lines 329 - 370?

40. What is the "real reason" Iago hates Othello?

41. Why is Cassio a particularly handy scapegoat for Iago's plot?

Act II, Scene 1

42. Describe how Cassio acts when he lands at Cyprus, especially when Desdemona comes ashore. (II, 1, lines 42 -- 97)

43. Why does Iago verbally attack his wife at II, 1, lines 99 -- 110?

44. According to Iago what is all the most accomplished woman in the world is good for? (II, 1, lines 146 -- 158)

45. Explain what Iago is talking about at II, 1, lines 165 -- 175.

46. How does Iago convince Roderigo that Cassio is in love with Desdemona? (II, 1, ines 215 -- 245)

47. What is ironic about Roderigo's response to this news at II, 1, lines 248 --249?

48. In Act I, 3 we hear how Othello's life story helped win the love of...
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