Ivestigation for Science Helicopter Experiment

Topics: Measurement, Velocity, International System of Units Pages: 2 (612 words) Published: April 4, 2012
An investigation to find out whether the mass of an object attached to the bottom of a paper helicopter affects the time it takes to travel a fixed distance

Aim: Does the mass of an object affect the time it takes to travel a fixed distance? Introduction: This is an experiment to find out the relationships between mass, distance, velocity and time. Dependent Variable: The height where the helicopter is dropped from. Independent Variable: The velocity of the helicopter, the time it takes for the helicopter to travel down the fixed height and the mass of the objects on the end of the helicopter. How to make it a fair test: The height in which the helicopter is dropped from is fixed to 1.83 metres. The mass of the objects used (paperclips) will be the same and the size of the paperclips will be kept the same. Also, the tests have been carried out five times for each paperclip added on and the averages of the results have been recorded. Equipment needed:

* Paper Helicopter (already properly assembled)
* A stopwatch (to measure time)
* A measuring tape (to measure the height used to drop the helicopter from) * An object with a light mass (such as a paperclip)
My Hypothesis: The greater the mass of the object attached to the helicopter, then the faster it will fall. Method:
1) Measure the height of 1.83 metres with a measuring tape. 2) Take your helicopter that has already been assembled correctly, add 1 paperclip to the bottom and then in one hand hold it up at the height you just measured, 1.83 metres. In the other hand, you will need to hold a stopwatch. 3) When you are ready, let go of the helicopter; however at the same time you will need to start the stopwatch. 4) After the helicopter has fallen to the ground, immediately stop the stopwatch. 5) Record the time it took for the helicopter to fall to the ground in a results table. 6) Repeat steps 3 to 5 five until you have a collection of results. Then find the average for...
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