Ittnt2670 Lesson 1

Topics: Windows Server 2008, Windows Deployment Services, Windows Vista Pages: 2 (489 words) Published: February 14, 2013
Lesson 1: Fill in the Blank
1.The storage area networking technology supported by Windows Server 2008 as a lower cost alternative to Fibre Channel is called
2.The only server roles discussed in this lesson that are not included with the Windows Server 2008 product are _________ and _________.
Streaming Media Services
Windows Server Virtualization
3.DHCP and DNS are known as _________ services.
4.To create a searchable catalog of Web services on your network, you would install the __________ role.
UDDI Services
5.To create Web sites that people can use to collaborate on documents ad tasks, you must install the ________ role.
Windows SharePoint Services
6.The feature that enhances fault tolerance by providing multiple data paths to a single server storage device is called _________.
Multipath I/O
7.The Windows Server 2008 file server element that conserves disk space by eliminating duplicate copies of files is called ___________.
Single Instance Store
8.The Application Server role is essentially a superset of the __________ role.
Web Server (IIS)
9.To implement Windows Vista desktop themes on a Windows Server 2008 computer, you must install the ___________ feature.
Desktop Experience
10.The type of activation recommended by Microsoft for medium to large networks with volume licensing agreements is _________.
Key Management Service

Lesson 1: Multiple Choices
1.Which of the following cannot be installed from the command line by the ServerManagerCmd.exe utility? B. Applications

2.Which of the following provides(s) UNIX clients with Windows printing capabilities? C. LPR Port Monitor feature
D. LPD service role service

3.Which of the following roles must you install with the Fax Server role on a Windows Server 2008 computer? C. Print Services

4.When a client runs an application on a terminal server, which of the client computer’s resources does the application utilize? D. None of the...
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