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Topics: IP address, Internet, IPv6 Pages: 5 (1571 words) Published: April 2, 2012
ABC, Inc.
1111 Main St.
Houston, TX 77032

Bob Smith, CEO
Sample Company
1234 Anywhere Ave.
Sacramento, CA 95838

Sample Company’s Challenge: Sample Company has offices in Sacramento, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, & Dallas and is currently working on a IPv4 infrastructure which poses a problem with future business operations. By the end of 2011, there will be no more IPv4 addresses. New customers and Internet traffic will be using the next-generation protocol: IPv6. The accelerating growth of the Internet presents powerful opportunities to transform the way we work, live, play, and learn.” (The Internet is in Transition, 2011). Do you want to be on the cutting edge of Internet possibilities or still working on the old IPv4 platform? ABC, Inc.’s Solution: To successfully convert your company from an IPv4 to IPv6 platform. This business proposal will explain the advantages of a TCP/IP IPv6 infrastructure and how it will help to improve business operations. Now is the time to plan for this critical transition! Below, I will explain the numerous advantages of IPv6 over IPv4. In analyzing your company’s size and sales figures, I have noticed that there are 3,586 companies in the USA within your same industry and you operate smaller than average in annual business sales, number of employees, and revenue per employee but rank average for the amount of years in business. So you ask, why bother transitioning to IPv6 when we are a much smaller business than the average business in this industry? Do we really need to? The answer is yes and the reasons why are explained below.

IPv6 Provides More Addresses:
Most industries rely on the Internet and have seen significant gains in production and operations from this technology. Suppliers, customers, vendors, etc. use the Internet for orders, supply tracking, etc. The internet now plays a crucial role in most companies operations. While IPv4 has worked well for us for many years, the problem now lies in space exhaustion. It is estimated that IPv4 can only address 4 billion IP addresses. IPv4 is the protocol that provides these IP addresses which are like phone numbers or a home address that describes the physical location of the node or computer so that they may communicate with the Internet. The advantage of IPv6 is that it will use 128 bit addresses instead of the 32 bit addresses that IPv4 currently uses which caps us at the roughly 4 billion maximum addresses available. This means, there will virtually be enough addresses on IPv6 to address almost every device the particular network is utilizing. Therefore, when IPv6 increases the size and range of devices connected to the Internet, the benefit of the network effect will increase as well. “To provide equal opportunities worldwide, the Internet architecture must cope with rapid growth in consumer interest and usage. The forecast for growth leads to a new perspective on the demand for IP address space. Even without taking into consideration expected address allocation inefficiencies, IPv4’s 32-bit address space is inadequate to support a plethora of connected devices owned by one-third of Earth’s population.” (Grossetete, Popoviciu, & Wettling, 2008). IPv6 Security Advantages:

Another advantage of IPv6 over IPv4 is security. IPv4 offers an optional IP security where IPv6 has it already built in. “IPv6 ensures that there are end-to-end security mechanisms that will provide authentication and encryption abilities to all applications and thereby eliminates the need for applications themselves to have integrated support for such abilities. The added benefit of using the same security mechanisms for all applications is that setting up and administering security policies becomes a lot simpler. IPv6 allows for complete end-to-end security thereby allowing for a new set of personalized services to be deployed such as mobile e-commerce services that rely on secure transactions. TCP/IP networks that are...
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