Itgs Exam Questions and Full Mark Answers

Topics: Human, Isaac Asimov, Robot Pages: 3 (789 words) Published: November 27, 2012
ITGS Homework

Area of impact- Science and the environment
A) Identify two input devices that are required in order for Jules to interact with a real person. There is several input devices required in order for Jules to interact with a real person, these include a microphone, a web cam or digital camera, normal camera and speakers so the person can hear Jules.

B) Describe the steps that Jules would take in order to follow the movement of the person talking to him. There are several steps that Joules would take to interact with a real person. 1. Jules could capture the initial image of any human being using its camera or webcam sensors to capture an image. 2. Jules would have to use facial recognitions software to determine the parts of the face to face tracked (reference points) or identify different parts of the face such as skin colour or your eyes. Laptops these days also have sensors built into them. 3. Record an initial position; of the face which is to be tracked/ set the position of the human in relation to the robots own position. 4. Recording of time lapse intervals

5. Capture images at new positions
6. Determine the location of the new position
7. If there is no movement, then no movement is detected and there is no adjustment. 8. Jules can adjust to the movement if there is one
9. Jules can now communicate with the human being
10. So this process can be repeated.

C) Jules may have difficulty understanding a sentence in a conversation with a human, explain why this could happen.

If a word that is said that is not in the language database of the robot the sentence that is said by the human will not be comprehended by the robot. Unusual grammar and sentence structure that is not programmed in Jules language database will cause difficulties. Jules may understand only one type of accent and may struggle to communicate if Jules communicates with someone with a different accent. Colloquial...
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