It260 Midterm Study Guide

Topics: Internet, Windows Server 2008, Web server Pages: 2 (629 words) Published: October 21, 2012
1 – Two basic types of computers that can be on an enterprise network are: Clients and Servers
2 – Which role creates a single sign-on environment by implementing trust relationships that enable users on one network to access applications on other networks w/o providing a secondary set of logon credentials? Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS)

3 - ________ enables administrators to create and enforce storage quotas, specify file types that are permitted on network volumes, and generate storage reports. File Server Resource Manager (FSRM)

4 – By using _________ installation option of WinSvr2008, you get a stripped-down version of the OS that shows a single window w/ a cmd prompt. Windows Server Core
5 – Windows Deployment Services requires two types of image files to perform remote client installations, a ______ image and an install image. Boot Image
6 – Which role service w/n IIS enables the Web Server to forward incoming requests for a specific URL to another URL? HTTP Redirection
7 – IIS7 uses a generic request pipeline that is modular in nature. The component that manages the request pipeline, the server’s application pools, and the worker processes is called? Windows Process Activation Service (WPAS)

8 – Which feature of IIS7 enables you to publish content found on different drives or different computers on a network, w/o copying or moving the content? Virtual Directory
9 – Which feature of IIS7 is used to associate each incoming request w/ one particular Web Site, helping the protocol listener to identify each site request? Site Bindings
10 – To use FTP7, you must install it in a WinSvr 2008 computer that is already running the role. Web Server (ISS) Role
11 – While configuring a DNS server to perform reverse name resolutions, you must create records for the addresses you want the server to resolve. Pointer (PTR)
12 – IIS7 supports several authentication methods. Of these, the only method that is integrated into an IIS7 installation by...
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