It240 - Week 8 Definitions

Topics: Instant messaging, Computer virus, Internet Relay Chat Pages: 2 (437 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Marquita Sparks
IT240 – Week 8
Threat Categorization

Boot Sector – A part of the hard drive that contains a machine code that is loaded into the RAM by the firmware of a computer. File – A resource within a computer’s main memory. It is used to store several types of information. Multipartite – A computer virus that can infect a system and spread in a number of ways. Macro – A pattern that instructs how an input sequence should be mapped to coincide with a replacement input sequence. Trojan horse – A type of malware that cannot self-replicate, and appears to do one action, but instead infects the computer with malicious payloads. Email worms – A worm that can attach itself to a computer system when a user open’s an unknown attachment in an email. Instant Messaging (IM) worms – A worm that can attach itself to a computer system when a user clicks on a link through an instant messaging window. IRC (Internet Relay Chat) worms – a program that can spread through message forums and/or internet chat rooms by sending infected files or web addresses to users. File Sharing worms – worms that are programmed to replicate themselves through peer-2- peer (P2P)j file sharing networks, such as KaZaA, Frostwire, Morpheus, etc. Internet worms – A worm that self-replicates and self-distributes copies of itself to its host network.

The threat I researched in week 7 was a Trojan horse. It is not a self-replicating threat, but it attaches itself to the cookies and temporary internet file folders of a users’ browser history. It re-routes a user’s log in to a malicious web address. By doing this, it causes users to click on other links that further spreads harmful malware, adware, and spyware to their systems, without them even knowing it. The only way to prevent this is to completely clear your cache, cookies, and temporary internet files folders every time you end an Internet browsing session. Running checks through an anti-virus program can also clean these files up...
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