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Topics: Source code, Ethics, Open source Pages: 2 (429 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Ethics Exam 1 Study Guide
The test will consist of: Multiple Choices, Matching, A little extra, read chapters What are two principle catalysts for the information age?
Low cost computers and high speed communication networks.
Tablets and Abacuses are early manuals of what?
Which of the following phrases does not describe the Gilded Age in America? Phrases that do describe are rapid industrialization, economic expansion, and concentration of corporate power. What is a Data Processing System?

Receives and input data, performs one or more calculations, produces output data. Why programming languages were created or developed?
Were Basic COBOL Flow matted and FORTRAN was early programming languages? Yes.
What is an Integrated Circuit?
Semiconductor containing transistors, capacitors, and resistors. Invented at Fairchild Semiconductor and Texas Instruments. Smaller, faster, more reliable, and less expensive. Who wrote an open letter to hobbyist?

Bill Gates.
What is Ethics?
Rational examination of morality , evaluation of people’s behavior, a way to decide the best thing to do What is a Relativist?
No universal norms of right and wrong
What idea is Objectivism is based on?
Morality has an existence beyond the human mind; Kantinism, Utilitarianism, and Social Contract Theory What is the Divine Command Theory?
Good actions are those aligned with God’s will, Holy books reveal God’s will What is Ethical Egoism based on?
Ayn Rand; each person should exclusively focus on his or her self-interest; morally right action: action that provides self with long term benefit Who is Jean Rousseau?
Genevean philosopher, writer, composer during Romanticism of French Expression What is Freedom of Expression?
Freedom of speech and opinion
What does Sexting refer to?
Texting sexual things or sending nude photos
What philosopher wrote the Second Treatise of Government?
John Locke
Bit Torrent takes advantage of broadband internet connections to...
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