Issues and Challenge

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  • Published : January 19, 2013
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Team management is officials who decide the schedule and the future plans and other governing of the team. Even so, this management still exist many issues and challenge.
First, the issue of team management is the team conflict. In a team or group, there will be instances when the team’s members disagree on the progress, decisions and proposed solution within the project and these will lead to the occurrence of conflict between team members. When conflict is mismanaged, it will harm the relationship and indirectly it will affect the performance of them to achieve their goals.

Because a work team is a common arrangement within today’s business organizations, managers need to understand group behaviour and team concepts. Teams develop over times, not instantaneously. As a team comes together, there are likely people on the project team who have worked with one another before just as there may be people on the team who have never met. It is because projects are temporary the relationships among project team members are also often viewed as temporary. The manager can see it and sometimes guide the natural process of team development. The goal of team development is not for everyone to like each other, have a good time, and create life-long friendships. All of that is nice. But the real goal is to develop a team that can accurately and effectively complete the project scope. An important challenge facing the team management is adapting to a diverse workforce. The future success of any organizations is depending on the ability to manage a diverse group of people that can bring innovative ideas, perspectives and views to their work. The challenge and problems faced by workforce diversity can be turned into a strategic organizational asset if an organization is able to capitalize on this diverse talent. With the mixture of talents of diverse cultural backgrounds, genders, ages and race, an organization can respond to business opportunities...
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