Isp ~ Investigatory Project Proposal (Unfinished)

Topics: Rose, Bleach, Chlorine Pages: 4 (885 words) Published: December 11, 2012
St. Peter the Apostle School
High School Department
S.Y. 2012 – 2013

The Potential of Zonrox® Bleach in Maintaning the Freshness of Roses (Rosa indica)

An Investigatory Science Proposal prepared by:
Ma. Julia Francesca Agana
Veronica Dee
Naveen Devnani

Mrs. Juliet Capungcol

Chapter 1: Introduction

A.Background of the Study

For our Investigatory Science Proposal, we intend to find out if the practice of putting Zonrox ® bleach in water to prolong rose (Rosa indica) freshness is indeed true. Zonrox ® bleach has always been a common household substance, and is used in whitening clothes, removing stains, and even cleaning the bathrooms. It is a clear substance with a very strong odor, and has a pH of 12.6, meaning that it is a base. The common household bleach is made up of 5.25% sodium hypochlorite (NaClO). Bleach can cause skin irritation, and even serious damage to eyes or blindness if it splashes into the eyes. It should be handled with caution, and should not be allowed to mix with any other household substance because it may produce toxic gases that are harmful to the health. Zonrox® bleach also kills fungi, bacteria, germs, and even insects, thus, serving also as a pesticide, and fungicide.

The Rose (Rosa indica) is a perennial flower shrub within the family Rosaceae. It comes in a variety of colors, and are usually native to Asian countries. They have stems often covered with sharp prickles for protection against animals that are usually cut off when they are sold in markets. The leaves are sharply-toothed and oval-shaped. The rose produces a fleshy edible fruit called a rose hip. It is also very easy to hybridize, or to breed with other species of roses, thus resulting to the many types of garden roses that can be found all over the world.

B.Statement of Problems/Objectives

In this Investigatory Science Proposal, our group aims to find out if adding Zonrox® bleach to tap water will help in prolonging...
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