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Topics: Qur'an, Miracle, Prophets of Islam Pages: 3 (820 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Maryam (A.S) gave birth to Isa (A.S.)in Bethlem, six miles south of Jurusalem in a remote place away from people. Some historians say that Maryam was then fifteen years old. She prayed to Allah (SWT) for eas from her pain and the angel immediaty told her to shake the palm tree beside her. Dates dropped on her miraculously, as palm tree don not normally drop dates by the shaking of one person alone. Allah (SWT) also made a stream of fresh water run by her. MARYAM’S RETURN TO JERUSALEM

After some time Maryam (A.S.) returned Jerusalem, carrying her new born baby in her arms. The town’s people were shocked: Allah describes what happened in Surat ul Maryam, “According to a previous vow she took, Maryam (A.S.) did not speak, but instead she pointed to the baby. They looked at her in complete disbelief! How she thought pointing to the baby could help her now! The people wandered. But miraculously the child began to speak. He was inspired by Allah (SWT) and spoke, in defence of his blessed mother and preached the unbelievers. MARYAM (A.S.) AND ISA (A.S.) MOVE TO EGYPT

Some historical reports claim that Maryam felt that Isa (A.S.) was in danger in Jerusalem. Hared the great and other wicked people were a threat on her and her miraculous baby. Therefore, she journeyed to Egypt and stayed there for a number of years. When Isa (A.S.) was about thirteen years old, the danger on Isa (A.S.) was over. Thus, Maryam returned to the Holy Land and stayed in Nazareth. Therefore, Isa (A.S) spent his adolescent years mainly in that city, where Allah (SWT) taught him his guidance and prepared him as a great messenger. THE MIRACLES OF PROPHET ISA:

Prophet Isa (A.S.) was himself a miracle, being born without a father. However Allah (SWT) blessed him with many other miracles to help him convince the children of Israel of his true message. First he could speak when he was an infant. Such a great miracle was only mentioned in the Qur’an and...
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