Isaiah and the Book of Amos

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Prophetic Literature of the Old Testament (Sc231)
“Compare the Teachings on Social Justice in Amos and Isiah”

The book of Amos is short, exciting, snappy and full of themes which make out for a popular war movie. It sits uniquely amongst the other books of the Bible and in particular amongst the prophets. Several distinguishing features about the life of Amos and his ministry mark this book out from the other books in the Bible. Amos is the first of “writing prophets” of the eight century. He breaks from the tradition of previous prophets. Amos wasn’t called to be a prophet and didn’t come from the lineage of any prophets. Amos was a wealthy sheepbreeder, Judean from the town of Tekoa and the owner of a sycamore orchard. The ministry of the minor prophet Amos took place around 760 BC. The Lord God plucks Amos out and says, “Go, prophesy to My people Israel.” However, what makes Amos’ calling unique is that unlike the early prophets who dedicated their whole lives to their prophetic calling, Amos only serves as a prophet for a limited time. Amos’ message is mainly directed at nations rather than individual people. His message is a judgment against Israel and the surrounding nations. However, what makes the message unique is that Israel has never heard such a message before: God is going to bring an end upon His people Israel. Amos is not sent to merely expose the sin – but to tell them that they were going to be wiped out. No amount of repentance could reverse Gods judgement against Israel. The nation’s sin has become so severe that it can only be corrected by the complete removal of those who had sinned against God.

“Amos is a prophet of total judgment, announcing the death of the northern kingdom. He is not a social reformer but an exposer of rebellion againt God. He is not a humanitarian but a herald of God’s coming action.” (Amos 8:2) 1

What was it that the nations did to recieve such judgment upon itself? To answer the question I will deal with...
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