Is the Internet Harmful or Beneficial?

Topics: Internet, Social network service, Instant messaging Pages: 4 (1111 words) Published: February 25, 2013
In bygone days, people could hardly know about their friends’ most updated status. They could just contact their friends by writing them letters or giving them a phone call. When people want to search the exact location of a place, they could just refer to a map or atlas. When people want to search information, they could just refer to books or other printed materials. However, those were the days. These days, with the innovation and the widespread use of internet, people’s lives, in all aspects, become easier and more convenient. Internet may be the most eminent innovation in the history of mankind. However, like other innovations, internet itself is beneficial, because of its convenience, its diversity of information and its enhancement of interpersonal communication, but also harmful, because of its no guarantee of information accuracy and the risk of theft of personal information.

Internet can bring us many conveniences. Nowadays, instead of having face-to-face transactions, many transactions can be conducted in a virtual world. Since internet can be accessed at home, workplace, or even through a wireless device, we can conduct transactions at anytime in anywhere. In the 21st century, E-commerce has become more popular and it is a phenomenon associated with online shopping. People can purchase different kinds of product through the use of E-commerce, ranging from household needs, technology to entertainment. Therefore, internet has provided a platform for busy workers who do not have time to shop physically to shop online. In addition, many services are now provided on the internet. Internet services can save many service receivers’ time because instead of walking in to shops during designated operating hours, people can have their services being rendered whenever they are connected to the internet. Examples of online services include job seeking, online banking, entertainment or restaurant reservation, online application for visa and etc. Thus, internet...
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