Is Evolution a Myth?

Topics: Evolutionary biology, Charles Darwin, Natural selection Pages: 2 (523 words) Published: March 14, 2013
Evolution Essay:
There are many debates about whether evolution is real or if it is just a theory. Although a small part of evolution deals with the origin of life, majority of the theory deals with the changes after the origin. Every time somebody who is not very involved in the science community reads about Evolutionary Theory, they automatically think of the standard definition of theory, a guess, when in fact, scientifically, it is a well-substantiated, well-supported, well-documented explanation for our observations.1 This is a very common misconception that is constantly promoted and misunderstood universally. Also along the lines that evolution is just a guess, some people believe that in science that once proven, a theory turns into a law.4 This is also a misconception because in science laws describe facts or observations, and a theory describes them as a whole. A theory never becomes a law. There are many areas in biology that show evidence for evolution. There are fossil records, anatomy, biogeography and molecular biology that all provide proof for evolution. The National Science Foundation supported a research team to study natural selection in Trinidad where species of fish are separated from each other by series of waterfalls. These fish were introduced to different predators and the ones that could survive long enough to reproduce, were chosen for2. This supports the theory of natural selection which is a major building block of evolution. Genetic change over generations happens. The Theory by Natural Selection is the best explanation for the fact of evolution. Evolution and natural selection have been tested for over 150 years and is supported by its observations. There are many organizations that do not support evolution and claim that it is not scientifically true. The Institute for Creation Research is a group that specializes in disproving the theory of evolution. This organization claims that...
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