Iroquois Confederacy Notes

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The Iroquois Confederacy.
Where was the Iroquois located? well they were located in northern part of america, in the Northern New York area as well as the western part of Pennsylvania. because they consisted of at least 5 tribes during the colonial era, the area they occupied was pretty large.

Haudenosaunee believed that a powerful spirit called Orenda permeated the universe. He created everything that is good and useful. The Evil Spirit made things that are poisonous, but the Great Spirit gained control of the world.

Many of the Iroquois converted into Catholicism from the efforts of the french missionaries. However, like there was a great awakening in america, there was a revival of the old religion in the Iroquois. A new religion was developed, incorporating old pagan beliefs as well as some Quaker beliefs

Family: They had 8 clans, led by clan mother. Oldest Women, not man. Marriages were decided upon the family and the spouses. They had a matrilineal society so daughters were more valued as sons, an oddity in Europe. They were a melting pot of people, adopted many people into their tribes. These people were generally given names to replace the deceased. They had many different festivals and ceremonies like the planting of the corn ceremony and the mind winter festival.

Government economy
The government of the Iroquois was defined by a unwritten framework known as the great peace. Under this structure, 50 chiefs came together to discuss problems. Most of the times, they found a way to cooperate. Even if the individual tribes that make up the confederacy couldn't find a compromise, they were able to find a way to pursue their own separate interests without hindering the other tribes.

The Iroquois were by tradition farmers, farming the 3 sister crops of Corn, beans and squash. wampum, colored pieces of shell. Used for jeweler y, symbols of status,

The Iroquois held off European conquest for a very...
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