Irony Scenarios

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Irony Scenarios

You are pretending to be friends with someone and are talking to them very kindly, but you actually intend on getting revenge on them for something they did to you. Your kindness is only a cover so that they will trust you and you can trick them. (2 people)

You and your boyfriend/girlfriend seem to be getting really close (at least so you think). The audience sees that he/she is cheating on you and intends to dump you for someone else. Because everything is going so well, you decide to sell something that is really important to you (and you can’t get it back!) to buy a really expensive non-returnable item for their birthday gift. It is a difficult decision, but you think it is the right one. Before you can give your bf/gf the gift, they break up with you and you’re stuck with their gift and you can’t get your property back. (3 people: couple and “other” person)

Someone has been spreading rumor about you and you believe it is someone who you have been arguing with. You might even confront this person, but they say they have no idea what you’re talking about. You complain about this person to your friend, and say that at least they didn’t tell everyone about other embarrassing or secret information, and even give your friend some examples of secret information. Turns out your best friend was the one spreading rumors. (3 people: best friends, other person)
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