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Targeted Group of iPhone:
Mobile Email Marketing: iPhone-targeted landing pages boost conversion rate 40% for Ritz-Carlton Destination Club -------------------------------------------------
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SUMMARY: Mobile marketing might be new, but it doesn't have to break the bank. But it can target this growing audience and its shrinking screens on a tight budget with tactics.

Email marketers at Marriott Vacations Worldwide tested an extremely simple landing page for iPhone users for its Ritz-Carlton Destination Club brand. Conversion rates jumped from 5% to 7%. In this case study, they share more results metrics, images of the campaign, mobile industry stats, and more. | |

An example can be a best output of tactics- Alex Corzo managed much of his life through a Smartphone, and had a feeling he wasn't alone in doing so. As the manager of digital strategy and services at Marriott Vacations Worldwide, he thought the company's customers might also be mobile enthusiasts.

"I just shot up the idea to our analytics team and said I would really love to see what part of our website traffic is comprised of mobile devices," he says.

Corzo's team checked the site analytics for one of its popular brands, The Ritz-Carlton Destination Club, which offers luxury vacation resort memberships. Sure enough, Corzo was right. About 2.95% of traffic came from a Smartphone or tablet computer.

Curious, the team used a Smartphone to visit its email landing pages and see how they looked. They weren't pretty. The pages were difficult to navigate and likely costing conversions. The team needed to act before these pages pushed mobile visitors away from the company and toward competitors.

Corzo's team resolved to optimize The Ritz-Carlton Destination Club's email landing pages for mobile visitors. Without many resources, the team launched a pilot project to build internal support for more investment to push forward.

They took four key steps:
Step #1. Uncover your mobile audience
It is expected more of your audience to go mobile in the coming years (or even months). Here are some stats from comScore: * Total website traffic in the U.S. from non-computers hit 6.8% in Aug. 2011. This traffic was overwhelmingly generated by smart phones and tablets * Smartphone adoption in the U.S. grew more than 50% year-over-year in October 2011 * 36.1% of Americans ages 13 and older use a Smartphone

This presents a challenge. Mobile Web browsers have different needs than traditional browsers. There are even different needs across mobile browsers as a group. A page that looks good on an iPhone will not necessarily look good on a BlackBerry.

Therefore, you must research which devices your audience uses before you design a mobile page. Otherwise, it could be create a page that renders well across every platform, except the most-popular among your audience.

Judging from third-quarter 2011 sales figures from Gartner Research, there are four primary smartphone platforms worldwide:

1. Android (Google)

2. Symbian (Nokia)
3. iOS (Apple)

4. Research in Motion (BlackBerry)

If you take Symbian out of this list, the top three smartphone platforms in the U.S. remain in descending order, according to comScore. (Symbian is much more popular in Asia. Also, Nokia recently announced plans to transition away from Symbian.) As for tablets, 97.2% of all tablet traffic in the U.S. came from an Apple iPad in Aug. 2011, according to comScore. Audience is different

It cannot expect audience to mirror these stats. Group has unique preferences, just as it has unique demographics. Furthermore, customers need to...
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