Invisible Me

Topics: Love, English-language films, Family Pages: 2 (492 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Long ago, there was a feud between Zeus and Hades. There are not very many words that can describe the bloodshed and suffering there was during this horrible fight. The God’s didn’t have to endure the pain but the people on middle earth did. Day after day thousands of people died horrible and traitorous deaths or they were forced to fight for one of the God’s. Parent killing child, sibling killing sibling there was no peace in the land.

The entire problem started when Tijera aka Hades wife began to fall out of love with Hades and began to fall in love with Zeus. It was a mutual attraction between Tijera and Zeus so the only thing that was stopping them was the fact that they were married so they were forced to turn to cheating because even though they had a strong lust for each other, they were still married. But something went wrong and Tijera got pregnant so they couldn’t keep it a secret anymore.

When Tijera told Hades about the affair he had many emotions running through him but the only one that he even explored was Anger, in fact he was so angry that he banished his dear wife to the underworld. And soon enough he was going to kill his own brother Zeus.

When Zeus heard about the plan he wasn’t sure about what he should do because after all Hades was his brother and Zeus could never kill his own brother. Zeus went to talk to Hades but he wouldn’t listen. So Zeus had no choice but to leave his own brother with nothing to do but reminisce about the recent things that have happened to him. As Hades was thinking he became so enraged that he immediately went to war with Zeus. While they were at war Hades lost his mind, He was killing everyone who stood in his path that he knew would eventually lead up to Zeus. Zeus had no choice but to stand at mount Olympus and watch the fight prevail.

When Hades finally got up to Zeus, he was yelling all of these words about trust, Love and Family. Zeus thought that Hades went completely crazy but Zeus...
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