Investigating the Problem and Issue

Topics: Marriage, Problem solving, Barack Obama Pages: 2 (686 words) Published: May 15, 2013
The investigation stage requires thorough examination in order to learn the exact natures of our challenges. Effective and comfortable solutions happen when we develop a stable plan and implement it. This requires brainstorming, visiting various sources, and performing individual research. Results need to be evaluated and compared in order to determine whether the plan is realistic and most suitable as a method. The sources will vary depending on each situation but are not limited when solving problems and issues. My way of overcoming difficulties is putting aside differences and passing my judgment based on the facts rather than opinion. Biased feelings can get in the way of logical decisions when we limit ourselves from understanding all facts. By having an open mind, we can avoid pitfalls such as having impartial solutions or negative consequences. The sources that I have chosen, provide experience on what it is that I am being faced with, but are not the final say. I alone, have to work through the details, make improvements, and ultimately come up with a viewpoint of my own. My problem is that I want to save money for a vacation that is three months from now. My best friend has chosen me to be her maid of honor and this is her way of having one last vacation with her best ladies before she becomes a married women. Money has been tight, but I really want to be there for her because she has been there for me countless times. Through asking other people’s experience I have gotten a solution as to how I can begin saving. One friend suggested that I pick up a second shift, however, with being a full time student and working crazy hours on my first job, that would make my life unmanageable. Another friend shared she would have to miss out on the trip but that was not an option for me. Finally, a friend shared how she had been successfully saving $25 per week as of 2 months ago, and I thought if she could do it then so could I. I would have to double...
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