Introduction to the Interpretation of Myth and Fairy Tales

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  • Published : July 27, 2012
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In This study I’m gonna explore the motifs and interpretation of the Sleeping Beauty from a Jungian framework. Is my concern to understand the deep forces of the unconcious and marry them with concious awareness to decode psiquic events which are the key factors behain the events in the web of life. For this case study I will use similar aproaches of interpretation to the ones we attempted in previous lectures,with this my aim is to develop a systematic structure of interpretation and develop my analytical skills that will be usefull for future analysis of Myths and Fairy tales. As Jung predicted the myth, fairy tales , and dreams, all share the same source of origin: the unconcious. These are vesels for the psiquic energies of the unconcious to be expressed in a collective experience,(what Jung called the archetypes) symbolic representations of human experience that are similar to all cultures and races. Jung further explains that the unconcious uses symbols to represent these collective experience. Like the instincts, the collective thought patterns of the human mind are innate and inherited. Dreams, myth and Fairy tales talks about our universal inner experience and the ideas we have about ourselves, the envirioment we inhabit and our interaction with it, but most imporntant they discribe the passages of the psiquic stages in life, provide insight and work as an ointment in times where life present us with forces outside our control. We are suceptible to the messages that are carried by the symbols, our attitudes and behaviors are influenced by them. The contemporary man conciously may ignore them, but unconciously we respond to them .Their significance lies in the hero’s journey that encompasses the meaning of life, tranformational process of psichic development and integration of unconcious elements into concious light regarless of time and space. This journey of the individual into himself and the obstacles and perils that he will...
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