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Introduction to the Gospel of John

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Introduction to the Gospel of John

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January 11, 2012

Chapter One: Structure of the Gospel

A. General Outline of the Gospel

1. Prologue (1:1-18)
* Early Christian hymn
* Coming from –probably- Johannine [having to do with John] circles * Adapted to serve as an overture to the gospel narrative to the career of incarnate word * Sets the tone for Johns gospel

2. The Book of Signs (1:19-12:50)
* Public ministries of Jesus
* In this ministry He is speaking through words and signs * Shows to his people the revelation of his Father
* Revolutionarily rejected by most (not all)

3. The Book of Glory (13:1-20:31)
* Second half of gospel (almost)
* By calling it a book we are saying it is very important and that it can stand on its own * It is to those who accept him (disciples)
* To those who accept Him Jesus shows his glory
* By returning to the father
* Glory comes from the Father
* Goes it through the “hour” of his crucifixion, resurrection and ascension * Once he is with the Father he communicates the Holy Spirit

4. Epilogue (21:1-25)
* Added account of post resurrection appearances and they take place in the north (Galilee)

January 18, 2012

B. Why This Division

1. Prologue
* Raymond Brown
* The prologue sets it all apart
* There’s 3 stitches between prologue and John
* Whole prologue is about the “WORD”

2. The Book of Signs
* Begins a narrative of Jesus revealing himself in signs and words to the people of Israel * In this section there is 7 signs
* Sets of 7 things but the word never appears
* Ends in 12:37-43: Which talks about those who believe in him and those who don’t * 12:44-50: Closing words to people who believe

3. The Book of Glory
* 13-20
* The theme of this section is laid out from 12:1-3
* Primary goal: Jesus returning to Father
* Great theological moment
* Secondly: The basic audience is his disciples...

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