Introduction to Operating Systems and Client-Server Environments

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  • Published : May 26, 2013
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CTU Online
Instructor: Sandra Cirel De Laus
IT140-1301B-02: Introduction to Operating Systems and Client/Server Environments Phase 1 – Discussion Board 2
19 February 2013
* Describe the operating system that you use the most each day. I have mostly relied on my Mac running OS X now for about a decade. I really enjoy my MacBook for a lot of reasons yet I switch to from Windows only to be different from others or should I say from the majority of people out there using Windows so I chose to start playing around with a Mac maybe cause everyone uses Windows plus thought it would be nice to change and a challenge. Not that I’m saying Mac’s are hard but a very much different environment from all Windows like Win98, W2000, WinNT, Win2003, WinXP, for a while there Vista and now for the most commonly used Win7 not to forget Win8 which will get it’s turn as the days go on. Otherwise, most work places have Windows so no matter where you go there will always be Windows to handle most operations. * Explain why you are using this operating system.

As we all know how much Windows get credited with its usage but it’s really good to know and playing with Windows is more fun than on a Mac. I think it’s a bit challenging working on a Mac even though I have had it for about 10 years I’m still learning. I like to put Windows 7 on it but just haven’t found anyone to guide me. I play around with Mac since I have felt confortable learning some short cuts also haven’t had no problem yet even when I’m surfing the net seems like its more secured and not always popping up with pop-up screens such as advertisements and such. Unlike, when using Windows it seems as though it always finds its way to block up background adding up the cache faster where then it takes up many garbage. * Consider alternative operating systems. If you had a choice, what operating system would you prefer to use for your day-to-day tasks? Would you use the system that you are currently using or a...
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