Introduction to Hinduism

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  • Published : May 31, 2013
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Ciara Dela Cruz
Father Gray
World Religions/Chapter 1 notes
7 April 2013

Chapter 3: Hinduism
* Murti- statue of a Hindu deity in which the god is present * Sanatana Dharma- term Hindus use to refer to their religion life; it translates roughly as “eternal law” or “eternal virtue.” * Dharma- in Buddhism, refers generally to the teachings of the Buddha and is also the natural law that the universe follows * Caste system- divides people into separate social groups that have varying rights, responsibilities, professions, and statuses * Sruti- means “scripture” in Sanskrit and refers to the Vedas as well as the other sacred texts of Hinduism * Smrti- refers in Sanskrit to sacred Hindu traditions, both orally and transmitted and written down * Puranas- often teach morality lessons or offer parables of right living in Hinduism * Puja- ritual by which Hindus connect with their gods and goddesses; can be held by a priest in a temple or by Hindu followers themselves at home * Vedas- the ancient texts brought to India by the Aryans around 2500 BCE and is also known as the most sacred texts of Hinduism * Upanishads- Vedic texts that focus on the relationship between the human and the divine * Brahman- original source of all things and the composition of the cosmos of Hinduism * Brahma- considered to be the creator of the world in Hinduism * Vishnu- the Hindu protector of the world

* Shiva- the Hindu god of transformation and destruction that ultimately leafs to new creation * Brahmins- members of the priestly castle in the Hindu caste system * Ksatriyas- the warrior or governmental caste in the Hindu caste system * Vaisyas- caste of farmers, merchants, businesspeople, and professionals in the Hindu caste system * Sudras- laborers and servants in the Hindu caste system * Untouchables- aka outcastes, dalits, or scheduled castes represent a group below the four traditional caste systems * Jati- subcaste to the...
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