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The Challenge of Public Relations
PR is multifaceted
A public relations professional must have skills in
Written and interpersonal communication
Problem solving

Global Scope
The public relations industry is growing in many nations
Almost $8 billion spent each year in the US
Expected growth of 23% in Asian revenue in the next five years
Annual spending of $2.2 billion in China

A Variety of Definitions
A number of definitions have been formulated over the years
Cutlip, Center, and Broom, Effective Public Relations
Public relations is the management function that identifies, establishes and maintains mutually beneficial relationships between an organization and the various publics on whom its success or failure depends.

Glen Cameron, University of Missouri
Public relations is the "strategic management of competition and conflict for the benefit of one's own organization-and when possible-also for the mutual benefit of the organization and its various stakeholders or publics."

Public Relations Society of America (2012)
Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics
Kevin Trowbridge (2012)
Public relations is the communication management function through which organizations build and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with the public on whom the organization's success or failure depends.

Public Relations - Key Terms
Build and Maintain
Mutually Beneficial


Differences between Journalism and PR

Journalists|PR Professionals|
• Use only two components (writing and media relations)|• Use many components| • Are objective observers|• Are advocates|
• Focus on a mass audience|• Focus on defined publics|
• Use only one channel|• Use a variety of channels|

Differences between Advertising and PR

Advertising|Public Relations|
• Works through mass media|• Relies on a variety of communication tools| • Addresses external audiences|• Targets specialized audiences| • Is a communications function|• Is broader in scope|
• Is a communication tool in PR|• Fills a support role|
• Sells goods and services|• Creates a favorable environment for an organization's survival|

How PR Supports Marketing
Eight ways public relations supports marketing
Develops new prospects
Provides third party endorsements
Generates sales leads
Paves the way for sales calls
Stretches dollars
Provides inexpensive literature
Establishes credibility
Helps sell minor products

Differences between Marketing and PR

Marketing|Public Relations|
• Is concerned with customers and selling products or services|• Is concerned with building relationships and generating goodwill| • Deals with target market, consumers, and customers|• Deals with publics, audiences, and stakeholders|

Toward an Integrated Perspective: Strategic Communication

Concept of integration:
To use a variety of strategies and tactics to convey a consistent message in a variety of forms
Research based
Relationship focused
internet/new media oriented
Toolbox-driven tactics

A Changing Focus in Public Relations
The evolution of the role of PR beyond publicity and media relations
Growth for PR professionals in health care, consumer goods, financial services, and technology
Crisis management in the larger context of strategic management of conflict

Personal Qualifications and Attitudes
Six Essential Abilities
Writing skills
Research ability
Planning expertise
Problem-solving ability
Business/economics competence
Expertise in social media

5 Emerging Trends in...
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