Intro to Music

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Can Music Have A Specific Purpose?
Music has played an integral part in the day-to-day events, ceremonial functions, and private lives of individuals and communities. Consider, for example, the stately majesty of a march on Graduation Day or a lullaby sung to soothe an anxious baby. An extension of human emotion, music is often used for utilitarian purposes, to celebrate, inspire, or comfort. This type of music is known as utility music. Music may also be used for religious purposes, entertainment, and in the case of anthems, to establish national identity. Many attest to music's therapeutic power to heal, reduce stress, relax, or enhance mood. Retail establishments often use music to lend a sense of ambiance—for example, as a backdrop to shopping or dining. For many people, listening to music relieves the tedium of repetitive work and exercise. In 1924, music was first clinically approved as a medical treatment, and several universities now offer degrees in music therapy, placing interns and graduates in hospitals, prisons, schools, and community centers across the world. |

In her own words...

"The use of music can be an effective way to consciously manage your mind, body, and mood."

Elizabeth Miles - from her book Tune Your Brain|
The use of music also complements other artistic media, such as film. The absence of a soundtrack would considerably diminish the emotional impact of images on TV and movies. Imagine a scary movie without the suspenseful music, an outnumbered band of soldiers charging the enemy without the heroic background theme, or a love scene without musical accompaniment. Not only are soundtracks necessary for artistic purposes, their immense commercial value must not be overlooked. Soundtrack recordings of hit movies are often produced and marketed in the hope of selling millions of copies worldwide. Through repeated listening and savvy marketing, the themes and title songs sometimes come to symbolize an era of society or...
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