Intro History and Trends Chapter 1

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  • Published : October 21, 2012
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HLHS 100 Introduction to Health Careers
Chapter 1: History and Trends of Health Care
Total Points Possible: 10

Instructions: Provide a complete and correct answer to each of the assignment items. Answers must contain correct spelling, punctuation, grammar, and acceptable composition style. NO text-messaging script or any other shorthand-style of writing will be accepted.  Save your completed assignment and submit to the instructor as an attachment to an email.  You MUST USE the "Messages" link under the Communications & Tools link on the homepage of this course to send the email. DO NOT send an email to the instructor's office email account.    Evaluation:   Each item has a value of 2 points each.  One point is earned for providing a complete and correct answer. The second point will be earned if the answer is written following the instructions given above. No partial credit will be given other than that describe.  The assignment has a total of 10 points possible. 1. What did ancient people think was the cause of disease and illness?

A. People believed that disease and illness were caused by evil spirits and demons.

2. List at least four (4) diseases that shortened the life span of individuals in the Middle Ages. A. 4 diseases that shortened the life span of individuals in the Middle Ages were Smallpox, Diphtheria, Tuberculosis, and Typhoid.

3. Why was the invention of the stethoscope in 1819 important? A. The invention of the stethoscope was important because it formed the basis of the diagnostic techniques we use in medicine today. 4. What helped medicine progress faster in the 20th century than in all previous years? A. The contribution of computer technology to the medical field helped the progress of medicine faster in the 20th Century than all of the previous years. 5. What is holistic health care?

A. Holistic Health Care is the treatment of the whole body, mind, and spirit.
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