Intro and Conclusions Worksheet

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Exercise: Introductions and conclusions 20 points.

Instructions: Read the following information and follow the directions.

When you are finished, save this document in .rtf (Rich Text Format).

Name your document as follows: Your name, introductions and conclusions
Example: Roger White, introductions and conclusions

·Upload the document into the dropbox.

Step 1—Familiarize yourself with the following information:

Topic: Christmas Shopping

Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the various ways to shop for Christmas presents.

Thesis: Christmas shoppers can choose between the mall, specialty shops, or online shopping.

I. The mall is a good place to find a number of stores in one location

A. Parking at the mall can be difficult

B. It’s easier to get in and out of the mall if you go at times other than “rush hour”

C. There are several directory maps in the mall to help you find the store you’re looking for.

II. There are several specialty shops in and around the city

A. Check the Yellow Pages for the locations of these stores

B. The local paper should have a number of ads for specialty stores

C. Call the stores beforehand to make sure they have what you need.

III. Many people find online shopping to be the most convenient

A. There are several online shopping services

B. E-Bay is a good place to find items

C. When shopping online, you should consider shipping costs and delivery time.

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Step 2—Write an introduction for the speech outline above. Be sure that your introduction gets the audience’s attention, reveals the topic, relates the topic to the audience, establishes your credibility, and previews the body of the speech. (10 points)


Have you ever wondered what the best way to go Christmas shopping is? Have you ever wondered how to go Christmas shopping? Well there are several ways you can shop for Christmas...
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